Shop with confidence knowing every item has passed our authenticity and verification checks.

Our experts share a deep love and knowledge for luxury fashion.

1. Experience & Data

Determining whether an item is authentic or not is no small task.

Over the years our in-house team of experts have authenticated 250K+ items on behalf of our customers, and theres no substitute for experience.

We’ve compiled data from every inauthentic item we’ve checked at Label Source to build a database of exactly what to look out for.

This database is updated each & every time we catch a fake, and constantly serves to keep our team educated and up to date.

2. Authenticity Indicators

We get up close with every item, inspecting all aspects. 

Key indicators we meticulously check are an items logo fonts, stitching quality, wash labels, smell, shape, zippers, buttons, materials, packaging, barcodes, labels and much more.

3. Condition Rating System

The condition of pre-owned items we buy & sell can vary hugely. We deal with a broad spectrum of conditions - ranging from brand new, to used, to items with defects.

Transparency is key to building a trusting relationship with our customers. You will find a condition rating we assign to each item on our product pages, which will accurately represent the condition of the item.

4. Passion & Knowledge

Our authenticators are incredibly dedicated to authentication. This passion transcends into our vigorous checks.

Fighting counterfeits is something we take very seriously here at Label Source.


Like it or not, counterfeits are a huge problem for the secondary market, with the quality of fake items are always increasing. Our mission is to eliminate any anxiety our customer has around buying pre-owned luxury items.

Our efforts have lead to rejecting £500K+ worth of counterfeit items so far and counting.

Label Source has always been committed to fighting counterfeits and fraud. We will continue to invest in the people, develop our processes and technology to stay ahead of the fraudsters.