Item sells for £0-£999

65% - we pay you

35% - our commission fee

Item sells for £1000-£2499

70% - we pay you

30% - our commission fee

Item sells for £2500+

75% - we pay you

25% - our commission fee


We provide upfront quotes so you know how much your luxury consignment pieces will be listed for before you consign with us. Once we receive your item, and they pass quality control, we will proceed with authentication at HQ, any necessary cleaning or repair, professional photography, and the final digital upload of your items onto our eCommerce platform as well as our partner websites.

We are able to sell your items faster than any other platform due to our strong social community and automated price reduction system. To ensure that items are attractive to buyers, we price them on our platform at the initial agreed valuation, and automatically reduce the selling price every 60 days by 10%. This helps your item reach the right price threshold that buyers need to feel ready to make a purchase.

You’ll get paid after your items are sold and the buyers return window has expired.